netgear router dg834gt firmware versione 1.02.14

Nuovo aggiornamento firmware per il router netgear dg834gt

Modifications and Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem where WEP wireless security would not work with Automatic selected as Authentication Type. However, if Open System is selected it will not work (see Known Issues).

  1. Fixed a problem where if Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) was unchecked (so SSID not broadcast) clients could not associate when wireless Access Control was enabled.
  2. Fixed a problem where a LAN web server could not be hosted on Port 80.
  3. Added Help for Disable SIP ALG on Advanced WAN Settings page.
  4. Added WAN IP / sending address to Log entries.
  5. Enabled ITU G.992.5 Annex M which extends the capability of basic ADSL2 by doubling the number of upstream bits.

Known Issues

  1. Block sites by schedule may not work correctly.
  2. “Disable SIP ALG” checkbox is missing on the Advanced WAN Setup Page when using the Router Management Interface in Italian.
  3. The workaround is to switch to another langauge to disable the SIP ALG if desired.
  4. WEP wireless security will not work properly with Open System Authentication type. The workaround is to use AutomaticAuthentication type.


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